Join us on our journey through the Book of John through this season of Lent. As we Seek First the Lord and His Kingdom we will be reading 3 chapters of John each week and participating in 3 different levels of fasting. Those three levels are: 40 day Daniel Fast, partial (sun up to sundown) on Tuesday and Thursday, and for those who can't fast from food for dietary reasons, fast from social media/Netflix. Also be sure to catch the weekly devotional about the chapters of John and the thought of the week that will be posted here, on social media, and sent, church-wide, via email. 

No Greater Love
John 16-18

Life can be challenging! Ups and downs, joy, and pain- CHANGE. Ugh Change! As we read through these verses we see Jesus address such things with his disciples. He ultimately knows the purpose and magnitude of what the cross will mean for generations to come but trying to explain it to the people around him would be near impossible. All he can tell them is that they will experience the pain and the trials but that there is great joy at the end.  

How many times have we gone through hard things? The things that just don’t make sense. The things that cause us such pain and brokenness that we are left asking God what in the world are you doing here? Even now that might be where you are.    

As the disciples will find out, and we already know, changes in life, painful or uncomfortable lead to our growth. Because of the Lords sacrifice of his son we are able to speak to, cry out, lean on and be comforted by our Creator.  Let that sink in, He loves us so much that he gave His Son so that we could have that one on one relationship with him. That regardless of the situations we face and the pain we may feel or the dislike of the changes we must make or go through, he Loves us and will bring us the ultimate JOY, as we grow closer to him through it all.  

This week, as you reflect on the things that you are facing this week, I encourage you to take heart. The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth is on your side! He has gone before you and knows everything that will come from your situation.

Written by Natscha Benevides



Remember: You may be walking through pain now but joy will come as you see his plan unfold!